• Versatile Portable GC
    The portable GC 312 from PID Analyzers


Versatile Portable GC

May 12 2022

Get lab results in the field with this real-time detection system with remote control

The portable GC 312 from PID Analyzers can be utilised for environmental, quality control, process & stack gas monitoring, natural gas, building & transportation security, arson & forensic applications.

Designed in its own carry case, the 312 will go anywhere with its light weight and rechargeable battery which lasts 8 hours. The 312 is pictured in the boot with an optional concentrator to achieve trace level analyses of a particular species, it has significant data storage capability in a 2 GByte smart card, and a choice of excellent GC detectors. The system can accommodate up to two detectors and additional detectors can be added and easily interchanged by the user. This GC features a large colour display and is powered by a Pentium PC with Windows® 10 (embedded) operating system and onboard PeakWorks Chromatography Integration Software.

Principle of Operation

The principle of operation is gas chromatography with a series of detectors that can be easily interchanged allowing the GC to be used for a variety of applications in the field or the lab. The detector electronics are compact and modular and the detector can be changed by removing the column, connector and two screws. There are only three sets of electronics for the four detectors, so an upgrade only requires the purchase of a second or third detector and second electronics package. PeakWorks is a dual channel system. The GC will accommodate packed (1/8” or 1/16”), capillary (0.53 or 0.32 m id) or PLOT columns by any manufacturer on a 3.5: diameter spool) and an optional heated injector is used for liquid samples. The algorithms for data processing were taken from our powerful PeakWorks program and are incorporated in the embedded software.


Photoionisation detector (PID): VOCs, aromatics, unsaturated hydrocarbons, sulphur compounds and inorganic gases (hydrogen sulphide, arsine/phosphine, ammonia). It is an ideal detector for environmental analysis, and QC with its low ppb to % detection range; also fenceline, water, soil, field measurements.

Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD): Hydrocarbons, inorganic & fixed gas response make this detector ideal for applications such as QC, natural gas analysis, LPG analysis, process streams, gas or liquid analysis... in the lab or field- ppm to 100%

Far-Ultraviolet Absorbance Detector (FUV): Hydrocarbons, inorganic & fixed gas response at levels 10-100 times lower than the TCD- also H2O, O2, N2O at ppb to ppm levels

Flame-Ionisation Detector (FID): Responds to all hydrocarbons including methane- environmental field measurements, landfill gases, oil patch monitoring.

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