• Ultrafast Separations at Ultrahigh Resolution


Ultrafast Separations at Ultrahigh Resolution

Feb 02 2009

Shimadzu introduced its new prominence UFLC-XR, an HPLC system for ultrafast analysis, at Analytica 2008. As productivity is a key criterion in today’s laboratory environment, high sample throughput and fast separations are crucial requirements of modern HPLC systems. The new prominence UFLC-XR was developed to provide ultrafast separations while simultaneously maintaining ultrahigh resolution. The new system also enables fast analyses involving highly viscous solvent mixtures such as water/methanol.  The new prominence UFLC-XR, consequently, offers a wide application range for fast and high-resolution analyses.

A special feature of the prominence UFLC-XR is its performance, even at system pressures of up to 660 bar. In particular values for reproducibility, low sample carryover, and injection precision of very low sample volumes are superior. An additional distinctive feature is that existing prominence systems can be easily and quickly upgraded to the high-pressure prominence UFLC-XR version. For this purpose, Shimadzu offers conversion kits enabling users to upgrade a conventional Shimadzu HPLC system into a 660 bar version. Shimadzu also offers a new generation of HPLC columns. The Shim-pack XR-ODSII columns, packed with 2.2 μm particles, have been developed especially for applications at high system pressures of up to 660 bar. These columns enable ultrafast separations at high resolution. The columns are available in lengths of 75 mm, 100 mm and 150 mm with internal diameters of 2 mm and 3 mm respectively.

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