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Why manufacturer-packed HPLC columns?

Jun 19 2015

Manufacturer-packed HPLC columns with NUCLEOSIL®, renowned around the globe, are exclusively offered by MACHEREY-NAGEL the original developer and manufacturer of this robust silica phase.

As pioneer in chromatography MACHEREY-NAGEL introduced their NUCLEOSIL® HPLC phase into the market over 40 years ago. In the early years, the success of the high quality phase resulted in such a high demand for packed NUCLEOSIL® columns, that the medium-sized enterprise could not supply in some countries. Thus, they had decided a cooperation with other column manufacturers, which packed the material manufactured by MACHEREY-NAGEL in their own column systems and distributed the NUCLEOSIL® columns too.

Due to extension of the worldwide distributor network in more than 150 countries, the build-up of subsidiaries in the USA, France, and Switzerland as well as the extension of the production and the warehouse in Germany, MACHEREY-NAGEL has now the capability to offer manufacturer-packed NUCLEOSIL® columns worldwide. That means, in the near future NUCLEOSIL® packed analytical and preparative HPLC columns will be only available from MACHEREY-NAGEL and authorised distributors.

NUCLEOSIL® was one of the first spherical silicas for HPLC, developed already in 1974 and still manufactured in Germany by MACHEREY-NAGEL. It comes in numerous different modifications, particle sizes, and pore sizes and is still one of the most used HPLC silicas in quality control around the globe.

NUCLEOSIL®  RP phases (e.g., C18, C18 HD, C8, C6H5) and polar phases (e.g., CN, NH2, SA, SB, SiOH) with the pore sizes 50, 100, and 120 Å are available for the analysis of lower molecular substances. The pore sizes 300, 500, 1000, and 4000 Å, partly for phases with special modifications (C18 PPN, C18 MPN, C4 MPN), are suitable for the separation of higher molecular substances like peptides and proteins. Phases with particle sizes of 3, 5, 7, and 10 µm can be selected in relation to the application. Thus, more variants with their specific separation properties are available compared to highly modern silica phases (e.g., core-shell phases) – in defiance of their high efficiency. Further information can be found on www.mn-net.com/NUCLEOSIL.

NUCLEOSIL® phases are manufacturer-packed into the state-of-the-art EC standard column system, as well as the successful MACHEREY-NAGEL HPLC phases NUCLEODUR® and NUCLEOSHELL® developed in recent years. For protection of the analytical column a modern universal guard column holder, the Column Protection System, is recommended. This cartridge system can be easily screwed onto the NUCLEOSIL® column and features a minimised void volume. It is also suitable for ultra fast HPLC.

Customers benefit from more than 40 years of experience, especially in relation to the optimisation of reproducibility, column lifetime, and performance of the original MACHEREY-NAGEL columns. Additionally, the highly trained staff supports users for technical and commercial questions with their large expert know-how. Numerous application notes for NUCLEOSIL® and further HPLC, SPE, TLC and GC phases are available in the free-of-charge MN application database (www.mn-net.com/apps).

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