• RADWAG calibration workstation for pipettes – New Level of liquid handling comfort


RADWAG calibration workstation for pipettes – New Level of liquid handling comfort

Feb 01 2012

Liquid handling has always been one of more difficult and demanding processes related to weighing. RADWAG vast experience in analytical and laboratory weighing has given rise to designing a professional stand for pipettes calibration. Complete workstation for pipettes calibration is a measuring device designed for complete realization of piston pipettes calibration and/or checking procedure, and supervision over a pipette.

Calibration process of a pipette is fully supervised by a computer software PIPETTES, designed by RADWAG. The software is described in further section of this article.

The workstation ensures control over the calibration/checking procedure of a pipette and monitors temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure through probes of accompanying ambient conditions module. The major part of the workstation is a microbalance MYA/2Y 21P dedicated for pipettes calibration, and located on an anti-vibrating table, both being the integral components of the workstation.

The microbalance series MYA/2Y 21/P features a weighing chamber adjusted to calibration of piston pipettes. The non-central location of the opening in chamber's top cover facilitates pipette insertion. Such design eliminates air drafts occurring during calibration of pipettes, and the process itself is carried out in a closed weighing chamber. Apart from calibration of piston pipettes, a microbalance series MYA/2Y can function as a regular weighing instrument on removing the pipette calibration kit from the weighing chamber. The MYA/2Y series ensures excellent weighing parameters with maximal capacity of 21 grams, readability of 1 µg and automatic internal adjustment system. The microbalance also provides exceptional repeatability of 2,1 μg.

In addition to a microbalance series MYA/2Y 21P, pipettes calibration can also be carried out on RADWAG analytical balances series XA/2Y and XA/2X with optional adapter for pipettes calibration. For more details see RADWAG website: www.radwag.com.

RADWAG computer software “Pipettes”

Computer software PIPETTES is designed for the determination of volume measurement errors of pipettes (batchers) in accordance with the standard ISO 8655. As mentioned above, the software supervises the complete process of pipette calibration. Above that it provides a number of functions aiding its functionality:

• calculating systematic error es ( accuracy error A) and random error CV (repeatability error)

• calibration of fixed volume pipettes (single channel) and adjustable volume pipettes
(1, 8, 12 channels)
• automatic measuring procedures conditioned by the type of tested pipette

• database of pipettes with parameters (option of defining user models)

• printouts and reports

• exporting test reports to PDF, MS Word, Excel and other

• planning of subsequent calibrations

• cooperation with a balance connected through RS 232 port

A well developed construction of the pipettes calibration workstation, with a microbalance, anti vibration table, ambient condition module and dedicated computer software PIPETTES ensures elimination of disturbing factors and possible errors, and equally important, provides unprecedented comfort of use and ergonomics for laboratory personnel.
For more information on complete workstation for pipettes calibration type www.radwag.com or contact your local RADWAG dealer.

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