• Regulation Solutions for Air Extraction in Laboratories
    Integrated controllers from Axair Fans are highly reliable and compliant to EN14175.

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Regulation Solutions for Air Extraction in Laboratories

Sep 22 2022

Axair’s improved fully integrated controllers Type A & C are safety devices for controlling the ventilation of a fume hood by adjusting the ventilation to maintain the set speed regardless of the height of the glass and informs the user with visual and audible alarms if a malfunction occurs.

Three push buttons are used to control the ventilation, the lighting and to stop the alarm. Sensors measure face velocity, PID controller maintains the speed setpoint regardless of window height and LED lights indicate if face velocity if sufficient or insufficient alerting personal to act with audible alarms if a failure remains within a period of 15-30 seconds.

With no maintenance, easy to use and install, these integrated controllers are highly reliable and compliant to EN14175. Contact the Axair Fans team to discuss any of their fume extraction regulation solutions.

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