• At Analytica, Telstar will promote the first BSC protected with ZEROCOAT

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At Analytica, Telstar will promote the first BSC protected with ZEROCOAT

May 31 2022

Featuring an innovative antimicrobial coating proven to reduce contamination risks, the new BiOptima IT Biological Safety Cabinet designed to integrate pharmacy compounding software programs will be on display at Analytica 2022.

Aimed at hospital pharmacies, BiOptima IT is particularly designed for the integration of software solutions for oncologic therapy planning, therapy monitoring and the preparation of cytotoxics.  The new cabinet range responds to the need for hospital pharmacies, which rely on software solutions, to aid them in dose preparation and improve the safety of the medications and the pharmacy workflow. These software solutions can include on-line (weight-based) gravimetric verification, barcode reading and automatic and electronic documentation of preparations. Equipped with all the necessary hardware for effortless integration in the daily routine of a modern-day pharmacy or to upgrade existing pharmacies to a state-of-the-art compounding facility, this range of cabinets are designed and manufactured according to EN 12469 and the DIN 12980 standards.

BiOptima IT is treated with the innovative antimicrobial bacteriological barrier Zerocoat, a photocatalytic treatment based on titanium dioxide. The new antimicrobial treatment technology provides the interior of the cabinet with a high antimicrobial power and reduces cleaning and maintenance costs. Incorporated on the inside of the cabin, this treatment provides a self-cleaning surface which breaks down organic matter when the light system is triggered, and fully protects the work surface and, among other variables, endows the Stainless Steel that surrounds the chamber interior with a high potential antimicrobial power.

Innovative class II microbiological biosafety cabinets

At Analytica, Telstar will also be promoting innovative microbiological biosafety cabinets, suitable for the manipulation of samples with biological risk level 2 and 3, designed for use in high-risk microbiological research and high toxicity applications in laboratories and hospitals, to ensure the maximum level of operator protection. Bio II Advance Plus offers a smaller body than the market average whilst maintaining an extremely comfortable working space. With dimensions of 759 mm in width and 1260 mm in height, the Bio II Advance Plus provides a working volume of 340 dm3. Equipped to achieve maximum efficiency, this new range of BSCs integrates energy saving EC fans and dimmable LED illumination that ensures optimum protection levels as well as low energy consumption. It has been designed in compliance with the European standards EN 12469 and certified by TÜV-Nord, in Hamburg Germany.

Telstar will also be promoting Boreas, a -86º ultra-low-temperature freezer designed to increase average performance by 20%. An innovative mechanical design enhances robustness, efficiency and ergonomics as well as ensuring the integrity of the cold preservation process. Equipped with VIP vacuum panels, the freezer guarantees the highest level of thermal insulation and maintains a temperature of -80ºC with ambient temperatures up to +28ºC.  Unlike standard freezers designed with panels based on polyurethane foam, a thinner inner insulation provides Boreas with an enlarged storage capacity of up to 30%. Boreas uses high purity natural refrigerant CFC free gases that contribute to environment preservation. The ecological ultra-low-freezers line has been developed using Telstar’s in-house cold storage technology.

Finally, Telstar LyoBeta Mini will also be on display. It is a compact (W94cm x H76cm x D63cm) pilot-scale freeze dryer specifically intended for small scale formulation, research, and development work. It has been designed with a condenser capacity 6 Kg which is separate from the product chamber. It belongs to the LyoBeta range of freeze dryers that encompasses flexibility, high performance, and small footprint required in a laboratory unit, as well as advanced process control systems, management software and interface features.

Telstar is a leading brand of laboratory solutions providing high added-value solutions for laboratories and R&D centres for more than 50 years. From sample handling and preparation to long term storage solutions, Telstar works hand in hand with scientists and researchers to provide state of the art equipment and services to improve the quality of everyday life.

Telstar at Analytica 2022 (Munich 2022, 21-24 June) – Hall/Stand: B2.418

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