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Flame Photometer with 21st Century Technology

Jul 31 2009

The BWB - XP Flame Photometer is a high quality, high performance instrument employing modern technology to measure alkali and alkaline earth metals Sodium (Na), Potassium (K), Lithium (Li), Calcium (Ca) and Barium (Ba) Liquid samples, when introduced to a flame fuelled by propane, butane, natural gas or lpg, will emit light of a specific wavelength, the intensity of which will be proportional to the concentration of the ions present. The BWB-1 brings 21st century technology to the technique, making analysis more reliable, accurate and simple than ever before.

The product has many unique built-in features: filters for Na, K, Li, Ca and Ba are all included as standard; simultaneous detection and display of all five elements; simple two point or multi-point calibration is possible, eliminating the need for paper based calibration graphs; a dedicated Multi-Mode allows simultaneous calibration of Na, K and Li; choice of calibration units: ppm, mg/l, meq/l, mmol/l; display resolution is menu selectable for each analyte; unit retains calibration values when in use; a quiet on-board compressor giving a totally integrated system; RS 232 and USB computer interfaces; Windows based, Simple Reporting Module allows PC connection for data logging, GLP reporting format, file retention and internet sharing of data; analogue output 0-1V; flameout and automatic shutdown facility giving unbeatable
safety provision; universal voltage and frequency input; can be used with propane, butane, LPG and natural gas; fully CE Compliant; and instruction and methods book provided.

The software has been written with GLP compliance in mind. The BWB-XP is shipped with a complete range of accessories and consumables. Included are a full set of concentrated calibration standards, deionised water, a non-ionic surfactant, volumetric flasks and pipettes to ensure accurate and easy provision of standard solutions. Sample cups and all necessary interfacing cables and tubing are also provided. The product comes complete and ready to go straight out of the box – just add gas. Ease of use has been designed into the BWB-XP, accurate and reliable results can be obtained with the minimum of training and the need for maintenance of the product has been minimised.

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