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Connection Fittings for Barbed Connections

Mar 20 2009

Diba Industries has expanded its line of Click-N-Seal™ connection fittings to suit a wider range of fluid connection types. Previously available for flared and ferrule connections, the company now offers the same torque assurance for barbed fluid connections. The reusable fittings provide objective feedback to installers, preventing excess torque that can lead to leaks and flow problems. The pre-assembled Click-N-Seal
prevents the fitting over- or under-tightening in IVD and scientific equipment. When the correct torque is reached, the reusable Click-NSeal
produces a click the installer can feel and hear, and physically prevents tightening beyond that point. Poor fluid connections and
leaky processing are eliminated without tools or guesswork. The fitting can be unthreaded and re-used, stopping at the correct torque
every time. In the barbed fittings typically used with soft tubing such as Tygon, silicone or norprene, over-torquing can compress tubing,
interrupting consistent fluid flow and leading to leaks. The Click-N-Seal minimises the torque problems inherent in barbed fittings used with
flat bottom ports. Click-N-Seal connections are available with ¼-28 and M6 thread size fittings in three colors for easy connection
coding and identification. Configurations are custom fit to any instrument manufacturer’s specification; customers may specify tubing
material, inside diameter (I.D.) and outside diameter (O.D.) of up to 1/8”.

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