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Comprehensive Particle Sizing Solutions

Aug 10 2023

Meritics Ltd offers particle sizing instruments using numerous techniques from world-leading manufacturers to offer the best solution for you.

Meritics has earned the distinction of being chosen by respected manufacturers to represent their particle analysers. The company's specialised service sets it apart, often surpassing the capabilities of conventional direct sales channels. This expertise encompasses diverse areas, including gas analysers, centrifuges, and fume cabinets. Unlike general suppliers, Meritics maintains a concentrated focus on particle characterisation, underscoring its role as a specialised partner in this domain.

In today's context, effective particle characterisation and control play a pivotal role across various industries. Size uniformity significantly impacts manufacturing processes, overall performance, and the quality experienced by end users. Meritics addresses these critical aspects with bespoke solutions that include assessments of solubility and dissolution for drug delivery applications, as well as evaluations of powder flowability to enhance manufacturing efficiency.

Among its comprehensive offerings, Meritics offers two globally acclaimed laser diffraction particle size analysers from Beckman Coulter and Bettersize. Instrument selection is guided by clients' unique requirements, ensuring prompt and precise particle size results for both wet and dry dispersions. The company possesses the capability to facilitate seamless method and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) transfers from older instruments or alternate manufacturers. This seamless transition maintains the consistency of reports and results.

Meritics provides a comprehensive and open-minded product lineup to cater to diverse needs, including Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA), Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) for Zeta Potential analysis, Coulter Counters, and Tuneable Resistive Pulse Sensing (TRPS). Additionally, the company's expertise extends to assessments of powder flow behaviour, complementing its holistic approach to particle characterisation.

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