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SpectraMax® Paradigm® - The future of Microplate Readers

Sep 05 2012

The SpectraMax® Paradigm® Multi-Mode Microplate Detection Platform is the only user upgradeable microplate reader on the market that allows for real-time system configuration by the user in less than two minutes. Unlike traditional readers its modularity allows you to modify the instrument configuration to your needs.

If your detection requirements change, you can simply add the appropriate detection cartridge. The detection cartridges are offered for a wide range of applications: Absorbance, Fluorescence Intensity, FRET, Fluorescence Polarization, Luminescence, AlphaScreen®, HTRF® as well as custom-made cartridges. Molecular Devices is constantly working on new cartridges to meet future application needs of our SpectraMax® Paradigm® customer base. With the current setting of the system, users can analyse up to 1536-well microplates under controlled temperature conditions.

  • Benefits of using the SpectraMax® Paradigm®
  • Flexible design accommodates future expansion
  • User-upgradeable microplate reader; upgrade in < 2 minutes
  • Superior sensitivity and performance
  • Future-ready

For validated laboratories the SpectraMax® Paradigm® with SoftMax® Pro 6 GxP is the ideal system. Modes that can be validated include:

  • Absorbance
  • Fluorescence Intensity
  • Time Resolved Fluorescence
  • Luminescence
  • HTRF
  • AlphaScreen® & AlphaLisa®

For more information on the SpectraMax® Paradigm and to find out about our latest offers please click here

NEW TUNE Detection Cartridge
SpectraMax® Paradigm® Platform with TUNE Technology is the hallmark of revolutionary microplate reader technology. TUNE Technology combines the flexibility of wavelength scanning with the high sensitivity of filters that is unmatched by other traditional monochromator systems. Our patent-pending TUNE cartridge uses high powered LEDs and TUNE technology to provide the wavelength flexibility of a monochromator system (1 nm increments) with the sensitivity of a filter-based system and by combining SpectraMax® Paradigm® and TUNE with SoftMax® Pro software the Spectral Optimization Wizard reduces wavelength optimization by at least 50% so you can optimize wavelengths for new fluorophores almost as quickly as snapping your fingers.

For more information on our TUNE Detection Cartridge please click here

Molecular Devices Compliance Assurance Paper-less IQ/OQ/PM Onsite Service
You told us what you need to keep your GLP and GMP facilities running smoothly and we made it happen. The first ever paper-less IQ-OQ and preventative maintenance onsite service is making validation simplified.

  • Secure & Accurate: All reports incorporate electronic signatures and date/time stamps that meet 21 CFR Part 11 requirements and automated, validated calculations are built into protocols for error-free procedure
  • Trusted & Protective: Preventative maintenance and qualification is performed by fully-trained and certified Molecular Devices service engineers to assure that your instrument is in the best working condition so there is no down-time.
  • Detailed & Easy: Final report includes qualification documents with results, service report, calibration certification, document checklist is updated in an easy-to-use format.

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