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PMV 50 microwave moisture analyser

Apr 18 2019

RADWAG-designed PMV 50 moisture analyser is an advanced solution for measurement of moisture content of samples containing significant amount of moisture such as dairy products, fish, meat, fruit products, syrups, creams, liquid resin. The drying process is carried out by means of microwaves which enable to evenly heat the whole sample's volume. The PMV 50, when compared to standard moisture analysers, significantly shortens the drying time.

Measurement of the analysed product mass is carried out using electromagnetic system, which comprises carefully selected monoblock components. Thanks to such solution the weighing system remains stable even when operating in unstable ambient conditions. The sample is placed in the drying chamber on the weighing pan between two glass fibre filters. The temperature increase is monitored using an infrared sensor installed in the upper part of the drying chamber. Maximum product temperature is an individual feature of each product, and it is one of the drying parameters. The temperature sensor registers current product's temperature, and the obtained information is used via system controlling power of the magnetron. Along with the analysed product temperature drop (desorption of water from the product results with lower molecular friction), the emitted microwaves' power changes, its intensity matches dynamics of the process. Microwave power is displayed on the indicator throughout the drying procedure.

A respective drying program is selected depending on sample mass and its chemical composition. The average duration of this process depends on the type and mass of used substance, and takes 1 to 10 minutes. In contrast, drying using the traditional halogen moisture analyser takes 5 to 40 minutes.

PMV 50 microwave moisture analyser features:

  • drying samples containing significant amount of moisture (8-100%)
  • short drying time when compared to traditional moisture analysers and standard drying methods
  • microwave-based solution
  • uniform heating of entire sample's surface
  • complex database of drying programs
  • various finish modes: manual, automatic, time-defined, user-defined
  • advanced reports, time and statistical graphs
  • easy operation due to a touch screen
  • interactive menu with definable buttons, info fields, permission levels, etc.

The PMV 50 microwave moisture analyser is based on an advanced-class Y series system intended for laboratory balances. Expanded 32 GB memory enables saving and storing sophisticated reports and time and statistical graphs. Wireless communication improves ergonomics and operation safety. Wi-Fi® enables sending data between the moisture analyzer and a mobile device. Large 5.7" touch screen guarantees comfort of operation. Proximity sensors ensure touch-free access to user-specified operations. As far as drying is concerned, due to high speed, it is recommended to use PMV 50 moisture analyser. The PMV 50 is a preferable device allowing to determine water content quickly.

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