• Lyza 7000: A revolutionary FTIR spectrometer redefining analytical excellence

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Lyza 7000: A revolutionary FTIR spectrometer redefining analytical excellence

Mar 04 2024

Anton Paar, a global leader in analytical instrumentation, proudly introduces Lyza 7000, an innovative FTIR spectrometer designed to set new benchmarks in reliability and versatility.

Lyza 7000 is a compact instrument surpassing industry standards, capable of measuring a vast array of sample types – solid, liquid, or gaseous. Rigorous testing and validation processes ensure consistent and accurate results, making it the most reliable FTIR spectrometer on the market. The status LED light provides users with at-a-glance updates on measurement progress, while constant internal monitoring ensures quick identification and resolution of potential issues.

Developed by pioneers in optical analysis and quality control, Lyza 7000 offers tailored solutions for specific industry demands. Its modular cell concept accommodates any sample type, eliminating the need to replace the entire system. Compatibility with a variety of ATR and transmission cells, along with easy measuring cell exchange, further enhances its flexibility.

The instrument boasts an adjustable touchscreen for an ultra-intuitive experience and guided workflows, making it easy for users to get started and perform measurements. The power of spectral libraries enables the identification and verification of any sample or unknown substance directly on the FTIR spectrometer, offering cost and time optimisation without compromise on quality.

The seamless integration of Lyza 7000 with Anton Paar's AP Connect lab software marks a leap in analytical efficiency. This synergy transforms raw data into actionable insights. Lyza 7000's precise measurements and versatile sample compatibility feed into AP Connect, streamlining the data flow and simplifying complex analytical processes. With AP Connect, laboratories can harness the power of their instruments more effectively, enabling better decision-making and faster analysis. The collaborative interaction between Lyza 7000 and AP Connect shows Anton Paar's commitment to providing laboratories with the tools they need for unparalleled analytical performance and data management excellence.

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