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Performance-driven PACER software

Oct 09 2012

For years instrument manufactures have delivered hardware that promised to run more samples per day, using automated sample preparation and ballistic gradients. But productivity did not increase. Why? Vendors forgot that the vital process of data analysis and review was still dependent on redundant levels of human interaction to ensure data quality. They simply shifted the bottleneck and in the process failed to satisfy the need for increased efficiency. Hardware is only half the solution and previous solution left users drowning in data.

With the Bruker’s new EVOQ™ comes an innovation in software with the new PACER™, making the human interaction with the process of data review more efficient by eliminating data review bottlenecks. This is undertaken by employing exception-based data review to instantly highlight integrated peaks that fail to meet the preset method criteria, the analyst can now focus on the problem areas. This software innovation instantly increases efficiency by eliminating unproductive time spent on data review without compromising data quality.

In a commercial testing laboratory time is critical and data quality is paramount. PACER software and the EVOQ LC-TQ enable you to run more samples without the typical data analysis bottlenecks.

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