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High-speed, Sensitive, Two-in-One Spectroscopy

Jan 19 2023

Due to its long history at the forefront of high-performance fluorescence research instrumentation, HORIBA recognised the need for a cost-effective yet highly sensitive, workhorse instrument for spectroscopy applications across a wide variety of fields. Taking advantage of its decades of experience in fluorescence, HORIBA developed a unique spectrofluorometer, the Duetta™ fluorescence and absorbance spectrometer.

As a two-in-one system simultaneously performing both fluorescence and absorbance measurements, Duetta removes the need for multiple scanning instruments. This makes high-performance spectroscopy affordable and saves valuable laboratory space. Its dual analysis also enables Duetta to automatically correct spectra for Inner Filter Effects (IFE) to ensure complete results accuracy, which is notoriously challenging with fluorescence data. Duetta can deliver true molecular fingerprints, not possible with standard spectrofluorometers.

Another unique aspect of Duetta is its speed; it is the fastest fluorescence spectrometer available. Its CCD detector takes a snapshot of the entire UV-Vis-NIR spectrum in just 50 milliseconds, over 100x faster than typical fluorescence systems. Adding to its versatility, it detects a wider wavelength range (250 – 1100nm) than most bench-top instruments, as well as acquiring a full EEM (excitation emission matrix) in seconds, thus improving laboratory workflows.

Duetta is very easy-to-use. Its EzSpec™ touch-screen software enables method files to be saved with details of all system defaults and accessory settings for a particular experimental setup. This means the scan settings for acquisitions performed routinely in a laboratory are available at the touch of a button.

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