• Master Particle Size and Shape with Partica

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Master Particle Size and Shape with Partica

Jan 19 2023

HORIBA offers a broad portfolio of solutions for measuring the size and shape of particles in a variety of products and manufacturing processes. A top of the range optical system combined with an unmatched smart and compact design make HORIBA’s instruments the most reliable and precise particle characterisation analyser range available. They provide the full power of laser diffraction within simple-to-use and easy-to-maintain solutions for analysis of a wide range of materials.

Partica LA-350 is a powerful tool in Quality Control with the smallest footprint, yet delivering the same accuracy as bulky and more expensive instruments. Its compact size means the LA-350 can be transported and used virtually anywhere.

For more in-depth particle analysis, Partica LA-960 provides a comprehensive solution with a wide measuring range (10 nm – 5,000 μm), offering a variety of accessories for analysing powders, paste and viscous solutions without increasing the instrument footprint. HORIBA’s brand-new Imaging Unit Accessory allows the direct observation of suspended particles, measuring their shape and providing useful data for their characterisation. This imaging tool is essential for the optimisation of advanced product and industrial processes design.

HORIBA’s solutions include nanoparticle analysis with the nanoPartica SZ-100, enabling the measurement of the smallest sizes down to 0.3 nm. A simple setup and user-friendly interface facilitate measurement of size and stability of formulation dispersion (zeta potential measurement) within seconds. The SZ-100 is an essential tool in any formulation and biomedical laboratory, indispensable for the analysis of proteins, nanoparticles and advanced materials such as quantum dots and carbon nanotubes.

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