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Laboratory Reagents and Fine Chemicals

Feb 08 2013

Loba Chemie was a venture started over 35 years ago to deal in Biochemical’ s and Reagents for life science research and other specialty chemicals. Loba Chemie today is one of the forerunners in the Indian chemical industry. In a matter of years Loba Chemie through its teamwork and efficiency, not forgetting its superior products, has been able to establish a strong market share throughout India. At present Loba Chemie is among the top 5 chemical companies in India. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facility providing a range of over 4500 products to meet international customer demand, the range of products include: reagents ACS/GR/AR, fine chemicals, HPLC solvents, inorganic salts, biological stains and dyes, indicators, buffers, dry solvents, CVS, ion pairing, essential oils, perchloric acids, bromine, AAS and ICP standards, BP/USP/Ph. Eur and more.

Loba Chemie is a global supplier for its high quality products and has been able to develop its market share with customer satisfaction and its quality products in many corners of the world. At present Loba Chemie is doing business with over 80 countries, to name a few UK, Germany, Belgium, France, USA, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Egypt, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and many more. Loba is also a provider for Bulk Packs and OEM Services.

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February 2023

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