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  • Catalytic Studies Performed Using the HT/HP Cell 

Catalytic Studies Performed Using the HT/HP Cell 

Aug 27 2020

The HT/HP cell is a cell for transmission and specular reflectance spectroscopy. It has been used for a number of in-situ catalytic studies in accordance with its ability to provide a temperature controlled gaseous environment under which sorption/desorption on solid supported catalysts may be studied. The cell can reach 800°C under a vacuum and be pressurised up to 1000 psi (68.9 bar). Below is just one example of a catalytic study undertaken with the HT/HP cell. Many different catalyst systems can be conveniently studied using the cell.

Work by Zhang et al. investigated the effects of the flue gases sulphur trioxide and sulphur dioxide on Cu/ZSM-5 catalysts for the removal of mercury from power plants [1]. Both SO2 and SO3 are components of flue gases and under real conditions: the latter reacts easily with the water content to produce sulphuric acid, making it difficult to determine whether the effects on catalytic performance are due to SO3 or the sulphuric acid. Their infrared spectroscopy work demonstrated that the SO3 is adsorbed preferentially to SO2 when both co-exist in the reaction atmosphere and that the peaks assigned to SO3 were gradually reduced after the introduction of the mercury.

1.          H. Zhang, J. Liu, Y. Zhang, J. Wang, B. Sun and wei-ping Pan, Promotional effect of sulfur trioxide (SO3) on elemental mercury removal over Cu/ZSM-5 catalyst, Applied Surface Science, 2020, 511, 145604.


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