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New Chemotaxis Slides Are Released...

Apr 05 2007

ibidi GmbH a supplier of solutions for Bio-Microscopy (so-called ?µ-Slides') has released a new Chemotaxis slide for the optical analysis of slow migrating cells.

This new slide allows the motion tracking of slow migrating cells like chemotactic active cancer cells in gradients. Up until now, comparable cell-based assays have only allowed the tracking of fast migrating cells as neutrophiles or dictiostelia. The new ibidi µ-Slide series allows the formation of long term stable gradients over a 48 hour period. This means that one can follow the motion of slow moving cells with a speed of roughly one cell length per hour. Assays generated in this way allow cell tests in small volumes since they require only 3 µl cell volume and a Chemokine amount of 18 µl. The Slide comes together with a software plug-in for Image J, which can be downloaded for free from the ibidi website.

Dr. Roman Zantl managing director and head of the R&D at ibidi commented: "The special functionality of the Chemotaxis µ-Slide was developed over a 2 year period, during which time we worked closely with British and German scientists. The first results using this slide to look at the chemotactic motion of HT1080 cells have been published in the latest issue of Bioscience Technology."

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