• Partnership to Offer Smart Bioprocess Development Solutions to the Biopharmaceutical Industry

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Partnership to Offer Smart Bioprocess Development Solutions to the Biopharmaceutical Industry

Nov 17 2021

Insilico Biotechnology, Ajinomoto, and Ajinomoto Genexine are collaborating to accelerate and improve process development and production of biologics using Digital Twin technology. The joint offering aims to accelerate and improve the development of cell culture processes with the use of Digital Twins technology from Insilico and cell-culture media platform from Ajinomoto. The Digital Twins of bioreactors enable virtual experiments and expedite optimisation of cell culture media and processes.

Klaus Mauch, the CEO of Insilico said: “We have found a wonderful partner in Ajinomoto. Their strength is in developing and producing quality media quickly, whereas our strength lies in fast and superior optimisation of media compositions including the feeding strategy. Together, we can offer rapid process development to existing and new customers.”

Ajinomoto is the world’s largest producer of amino acids, the major ingredients in cell culture media. Ajinomoto Genexine serves the biomanufacturing hotspot of Incheon in South Korea for its cell culture media needs. Through this collaboration, Ajinomoto Genexine expects to meet the rising demand they foresee in the region.

Yuta Nakai, President of Ajinomoto Genexine said: “Biomanufacturing in the APAC region has unique needs. Aggressive timelines are one aspect. With Insilico’s Digital Twins plugged into our high-quality media development technology, we aim to shorten timelines by up to 50%. We will continue to fine tune our offerings based on our customers’ voice.”

Insilico, a pioneer in developing Digital Twins for biomanufacturing, expects this collaboration to deepen its services in the region. Dr Shilpa Nargund, the Director of Insilico’s APAC operations said: “This collaboration excites me because it makes digitalisation accessible to a larger number of customers in the APAC region. The Digital Twins ability to virtually screen media together with Ajinomoto’s quick turnaround on media production give customers the option to test tailored media for their cell lines and clones.”

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