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  • emc2020: Send in Your Images
    mmc2019 1st Place Electron Microscopy-Life Sciences. Alberto Foglia: Red Blood Cells in Neuroacanthocytosis (Credit RMS)
  • mmc2019 1st Place Scanning Probe Microscopy. Pablo Ares, University of Manchester: Graphene Connecting the World (Credit RMS)
  • mmc2019 1st Place Light Microscopy-Life Sciences. Martyna Lukoseviciute, University of Oxford, Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine: Understanding the Octopus Embryo (Credit RMS)

emc2020: Send in Your Images

Mar 24 2020

The emc2020 Scientific Imaging Competition offers an exciting opportunity for microscopists from across the world to showcase their skills. It provides a great outlet for those that can capture the breath-taking and engaging beauty of the microscopical world.

The deadline for submissions (maximum of two entrties per person) is 1 June 2020 after which a shortlist will be selected; these will be on display at The Bella Center as part of emc2020., where a prize giving will also take place. Categories for images and short videos include; Electron Microscopy Life sciences & Physical Sciences; Light Microscopy Life Sciences & Physical Sciences and Scanning Probe Microscopy.

Images show some of the winning categories from mmc2019, Manchester, UK. If you have any questions about the competition please email Lucy Ridler,


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