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  • Advances in Microscopy and RMS AGMs
    Grace Burke RMS President and Meeting Organiser

Advances in Microscopy and RMS AGMs

Nov 06 2020

The Royal Microscopical Society is to hold its Annual General Meetings (AGMs) virtually on 16 November, which will also include a number of talks given by the Mid-Career Award winners. 

This meeting will be the third one-day meeting in the Microscopy: Advances, Innovation, Impact series, having previously taken place in 2016 and 2018.  Although this will be a virtual meeting this time, we will ‘meet’ to celebrate the advances made in, and with microscopy, with this one day meeting.

This open event is designed to highlight the latest frontiers in microscopy through a series of short presentations from field leaders, who have been awarded the highly prestigious Royal Microscopical Society Mid-Career Scientific Achievement Award.  Details of the winners and their talks can be found here.

The RMS Annual General Meeting, as well as the Outreach and Section AGMS, will also take place on the day and we invite all our members to join us to reflect on the year and plan for the future.  The RMS Annual General Meetings (AGMs) were all due to take place at various microscopy meetings earlier in 2020, but due to Covid-19 these meetings were all sadly cancelled/postponed.  This does however give us an excellent opportunity to hold all AGMs on the same day, so that all members of the RMS, wherever they are based in the world, will hopefully be able to join the meeting.

The Society’s AGMs are free to attend for both members and non-members.

All the committee nominations are on the AGM Agendas, and no other nominations were received.  If you are interested in joining any of the committees in 2021, please contact Allison Winton at

The meeting will take place from 13:00GMT to 17:35GMT the full list of AGMs taking place on 16 November are available on the RMS website. More information online



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