• Maximising the potential: Microwave digestion for element analysis

Sample Preparation

Maximising the potential: Microwave digestion for element analysis

May 08 2024

Excellent sample preparation is the only way to obtain accurate analytical results in atomic spectroscopy. The thousands of ICP-OES, ICP-MS and AAS users rely on Anton Paar´s Multiwave series of microwave digestion instruments. Informed by over 40 years of experience, these microwaves are designed to unleash the potential of the entire analytical chain. By understanding the different needs of trace analysis laboratories, on Anton Paar offers different solutions for advanced atomic spectroscopy.

Multiwave GO Plus is our space-saving solution for medium throughput applications in food, environmental and materials testing. Based on the innovative DMC (Directed Multimode Cavity) technology, it is the world’s smallest and most economical microwave digester, enhancing the analytical capabilities of small elemental analysis laboratories.

Multiwave 5000 is the most versatile and user-friendly laboratory microwave on the market. As a platform system, it can be configured with different rotors and accessories for high-throughput (64 samples in one run) or high-performance applications at reaction temperatures up to 300°C. With more than 500 pre-installed methods it has substantial built-in application knowledge and can cope with the analytical tasks of digestion, extraction and leaching of all kinds of sample matrices. Its vessel and rotor designs and the state-of-the-art user interface make everyday laboratory work easier. Multiwave 5000 has proven to maximise productivity when in combination with modern ICP analysers.

The high-end Multiwave 7101/7301/7501 family of instruments can digest different kinds of samples in one single run. With its PDC (Pressurized Digestion Cavity) concept, it can handle different numbers and volumes of PTFE, quartz or (disposable) glass reaction vials at temperatures up to 300°C. The vials, with their simple plug-on caps and the level of automation, boast unparalleled ease of use. Compact in design and with an integrated cooling system, it saves laboratory space and minimises cooling time.

And Anton Paar doesn’t just offer first class instruments. With superior application support, installations, trainings, maintenance and service, the company follows remarkable corporate service standards and provide added value to users through a network of more than 35 subsidiaries and 40 distribution partners worldwide.

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