• Sample Preparation for Elemental Analysis with the Anton Paar Multiwave Series

Sample Preparation

Sample Preparation for Elemental Analysis with the Anton Paar Multiwave Series

Nov 08 2023

For several decades, atomic spectroscopic techniques have been predominantly used for trace elemental analysis of all types of samples. These atomic spectroscopic techniques work best when the analyte is presented as an inorganic, ionic species dissolved in a diluted mineral acid. A suitable technique for sample preparation must therefore prepare uniform, acidic solutions from many different types of sample. Microwave digestion has established itself as a reliable and effective means of sample preparation thanks to effective heating, precise reaction control, and high temperature and pressure tolerance. In our book, “A Chemist’s Guide to Sample Preparation,” you can find out more about the principles and benefits of microwave digestion.

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Anton Paar's Multiwave microwave digestion systems offer fast, safe, and reliable sample preparation for a wide range of matrices, including pharmaceutical, biological, and environmental samples. Applications range from routine analysis, where sample throughput determines the productivity of an analytical facility, to demanding samples, which are difficult to digest. Different device concepts let users select the ideal system for their analytical task, with even more options to tailor the instruments to their requirements.

Multiwave 7000's PDC (pressurised digestion cavity) combines easy handling and low running costs with unparalleled digestion performance (up to 199 bar and 300 °C). The PDC system lets you, by pre-pressurising the entire reaction cavity (through semi-automated, software-guided procedures), digest samples in thin-walled vials made of borosilicate glass (disposable for high throughput), quartz (with lowest blank values), or PTFE-TFM (for special applications). By “sealing” the vials with pressure prior to heating, boiling and evaporation of the reagent mixture is avoided. Up to 4 g per position or up to 28 samples can be digested at the same time. Due to the PDC principle, different samples, reaction mixtures, or amounts may be digested – with the same method, even in the same run.

Multiwave 5000 is a versatile microwave reaction platform which can be configured with different rotors to yield the perfect system for your samples. Not only acid digestion, also microwave-assisted solvent extraction, protein hydrolysis, leaching, and even microwave synthesis is possible in this versatile instrument. SmartTemp and SmartVent technology have led to SVT and HVT vessels with unprecedented ease-of use. SmartVent allows for safe release of reaction gases during digestion to maintain higher temperature levels for better digestion quality, whereas SmartTemp monitors the internal temperature of each vessel in real time. The instrument also features a large touchscreen display and a library of over 600 methods, which covers all relevant norms and standards.

Have a look at this comprehensive method library here.

Users looking for an efficient tool for routine digestion will benefit from Multiwave GO Plus with its Directed Multimode Cavity and SmartVent technology. This means high efficiency, digestion performance, and flexibility at a small footprint and a low investment.

All systems come with a comprehensive three-year warranty, access to our support network, and can be qualified for usage in the pharma industry within one working day with our Pharma qualification packages.

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