International Labmate April 2020


In This Edition


- The SFC isolation and Purification of Cannabinoids using Application Specific Stationary Phases under optimised condition
- Using Benchtop NMR to identify the unknown in forensic drug testing
- Sample Preparation of Cannabis Plants for Efficient Extraction


- All New HIC Column for High Throughput Analyses
- Redesigned Nitrogen Generator Unveiled
- Collaboration to Develop a Methodology for the Determination of Microplastics

Mass Spectrometry & Spectroscopy

- New ATR Mode Certified Polystyrene Reference Films
- High Throughput Monochromator Ideal for Low Light Applications
- Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectroscopy Workstation

Laboratory Products

- Chemical Resistant Diaphragm Pumps Provide Durability and Versatility
- New Mobile Table Series for Lab Devices Withstands Large Mechanical Loads
- How Freeze Drying in Food Processing is Enabling Greater Efficiency and Superior Results


Drug Discovery & Pharmaceuticals

- Partnership Formed to Expand Options for Accessing Drug Metabolites
- Drug Discovery Company Accelerates Research with Versatile Pipette Range
- Classic Mortar Grinder for Efficient Mixing and Triturating

Safety, Hazard Containment & Sterilising Equipment

- Energy Efficient Autoclaves - Misconceptions and Misunderstanding
- Eliminate Hazardous Chemical Fumes and Powders
- Bio-safety Class I and II for Contained Flow Cytometry Systems

Biotechnology & Immunology

- Versatile Plate Reader Provides Live Cell Imaging and Real-time Cytometry
- New CRISPR-Cas9 Cell Lines for Target Identification, Validation and Pathway Discovery
- New High-Throughput Recombinant Antibody Production Service Launched


Research & Events News

- Health Research Cluster to Exploit MS for Systems Medicine
- Low Light Activated Coating Beats Bacteria
- Project Investigates Impact of Biodiversity on Viral Vectors

News & Views

- Award to Support Diagnostic and Vaccine Development for Coronavirus
- Space Imaging System Reveals Pollution Hot Spots
- Technology Platform moves into Industry Training Curriculum

Business Opportunities

- Institute Receives Support to Establish Excellence in Biopharma
- Investment to Drive CRO’s Development in Europe, North America and Asia
- Appointment Bolsters Strategic Presence in China

Microscopy News

- Institute Commits to Funding a Low Energy CryoEM DEtector
- Earth Imaging Technique transforms into Detailed Brain Imaging Technology
- Physicist Adept in Microscopical Invention Receives New RMS Accolade

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Lab Asia August 2020

August 2020

In This Edition Chromatography - Measurement of Pesticides in Cannabis sativa and Hemp Matrices - Biphenyl Modified Silica Stabilised by Bulky Substituents - Wettable Phase for Analytical a...

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ACS National Meeting & Expo, Fall 2020

Aug 17 2020 Virtual event

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Aug 19 2020 Mumbai, India


Aug 23 2020 Copenhagen, Denmark


Aug 30 2020 Nantes, France

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