International Labmate February 2021


In This Edition


- Expanding the Boundaries of Light Scattering for Macromolecules
- Electrostatic Charges and Their Effects on Weighing
- How the world’s most advanced analytical techniques are saving 'doomed' shipwrecks


- New Concerns about PFAS in Food
- Unique Technology Provides High Efficiency Solid Phase Extraction
- VICI - Your Chromatographic Components Specialist

Mass Spectrometry & Spectroscopy

- New Technique Promises to Accelerate Materials Development for Gas Separations
- Comparing Pressed Pellets to Loose Powder Preparation for XRF Analysis
- Portable Quadrupole Analyser for Environmental Field Studies

Laboratory Products

- Customisable System for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Launched
- A New Dimension in Particle Analysis
- Achieving Asepsis - Selecting a sterilisation procedure


Pumps, Valves & Liquid Handling

- The Art of Pipetting - Top Tips
- New Adjustable Spacing Pipettes to Keep Your Laboratory Moving
- Dispensing of Ethanol Cooking Fuel into African Homes

Sample Preparation & Processing

- New Thermoblock for Reliable and Reproducible Cell Thawing Announced
- Versatile Cutting Mills Adapt to Individual Sample Requirements
- Compact Rack Scanner for Easy Liquid Handling Robot Integration

Food & Beverage Analysis

- Food Analysis has Never Been so Challenging or Exciting
- Portable Conductivity Meter for Regulatory Testing of Drinking Water
- Reduce Ashing Times for Foods and Feeds


Research & Events News

- Award to Advance low-cost Portable Spectroscopic Devices
- UK and Canada to Partner on Research Opportunities
- Self-renewing Immune Cells could improve Vaccine Design

News & Views

- Collaboration to advance Global Drug Discovery Infrastructure
- Analysis Indicates Test has ability to Detect All Published Virus Strains
- Large-Scale COVID-19 Vaccine Manufacture Deal Agreed

Business Opportunities

- Project to Develop Dual Antigen Targeting Therapies
- Licence Agreement Supports Pre-Clinical Drug Projects

Microscopy News

- Imaging Method reveals whether Antibiotics reach Bacteria hiding in Tissues
- Key Milestone Reached for Diamond’s Ptychography Branchline
- Scanner takes OCT systems to new Capbilities

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