International Labmate November 2019


In This Edition


- Translating Proteomic MALDi Tissue Typing to Clinical Pathology
- Fusion Protein Complexes Analysed by CG-MALS
- The Separation and Purification of Glutamine Derivatives by C18AQ Reversed Phase

Mass Spectrometry & Spectroscopy

- Next-Generation 80 MHz Benchtop FT-NMR System Introduced
- Analyse and Purify Samples Using SFC
- Unique Mass Spectrometer Designed for Precise and Accurate Analysis of the Solar System


- New Preparative Purification System Provides Better Prep Processes
- Cannabidivarin (CBDV) Added to Range of Cannabis Reference Standards
- Multiple Uses of Nitrosamine Testing in the Brewing Industry

Laboratory Products

- Using New Temperature Control Technologies with Start-ups
- New Nutrient Medium Dosing System Ideal for Biochip Filling
- Streamlining Synthetic Organic Methods Development

Microscopy & Microtechniques

- Lasers Reveal the Secrets of Plant Cell Walls
- Project could Inspire Next Generation X-ray Lasers and Particle Accelerators
- Optical and XRF Imaging and Analysis


LIMS & Lab Automation

- Reading 2D-Barcoded Tubes Straight from the Freezer
- Live Cell Plate Reader with Real-time Image Cytometry Unveiled
- Versatile Plate Handler Automates a Wide Range of Applications

Balances & Strain Gauges

- How To Ensure Long-Term Accuracy and Analytical Quality When Choosing a Laboratory Balance
- Innovative Microbalances for Precise Weighing
- Tall and Low Form Weighing Bottles

Clinical, Medical & Diagnostic Products

- Automated Nucleic Acid Purifi cation
- New Technology Sheds Light on Salmonella and Listeria
- First In vitro Diagnostic IHC Test to Detect ROS1 Protein in Cancers Launched


Research & Events News

- Award Highlights Originality and Technical Excellence in Battery Research
- CBD Mechanism Reveals Potential for Skin Treatment
- Thriving JASIS Focuses on Cutting-edge Technology and Solutions

News & Views

- Lord Lieutenant Presents Two Queen’s Awards to Markes International Ltd
- R & D Facility Focused on New Market Sectors
- Automated Opthalmic Laser Technology attracts Investors

Business Opportunities

- First In vitro Diagnostic IHC Test to Detect ROS1 Protein in Cancers Launched
- Inovus Medical Expands its Sales Team and Operations in South East Asia
- The Native Antigen Company Signs Distribution Agreement

Microscopy News

- RPS: Science Photographer of the year 2019
- Images Explore the Effects of Eyesize on Vision of Bees
- Probing Beneath the Surface: Next Level Microscopy

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