International Labmate November 2021


In This Edition


- A novel approach to the analysis of alcohols in hydrocarbon streams by gas chromatography
- The importance of measuring heavy metal contaminants in canabis and hemp consumer products
- How is the international scientific community identifying new antivirals to tackle Covid-19?


- GC Range Available at Affordable Monthly Payments
- New Tool-Free Inlet Parts Simplify Shimadzu GC Maintenance
- Choosing a Specialised Detector for Nitrosamine Analysis in Pharmaceutical Drugs

Mass Spectrometry & Spectroscopy

- Why a Reference with a Calibration Certificate is not Necessarily a CRM
- Unlocking Oil and Fat Analysis using Benchtop NMR
- New Product: Heated Puck for the Quest™ ATR Accessory

Microscopy & Microtechniques

- Label-free Microscopy Solution for Live-cell Studies
- Professional High-end Microscopes for the Experts


LIMS & Lab Automation

- A three-step plan for digital transformation
- Automating Production of Compound Libraries
- Unique Platform Combines LIMS, ELN and LES Method Execution Capabilities

Clinical, Medical & Diagnostic Products

- Inactivation Media for Highly Infectious Clinical Specimens
- Stabilised Saliva Collection Kit for Safe Sample Collection
- Sterile Cleanroom Workbench for Medical Technology Applications

ArabLab Show Preview

- What’s New and Who’s Who at ARABLAB LIVE 2021

Balances, Moisture Analysers & Strain Gauges

- Digitalise Your Weighing Processes for Precision Results
- Innovative Analytical and Precision Balances 
- High Capacity Mass Comparators and Balances up to 5,400 KG


Research & Events News

- RNA Structural Studies Receive Global Recognition
- lab4you: Opportunity for Young Scientists
- UK to Help Lead Detector Development for Particle Collider

News & Views

- Vaccine Development Initiative Gathers Speed
- Click and Discover Platform Set to Buck Trends in Drug Development
- Lab-ready facility jump-starts CDMO operation in Swiss Biotech Cluster

Business Opportunities

- Neuroendocrine Tumour Treatment Study Pivotal to Registration Process
- Tax Incentive Supports R&D Activities in France
- Success with Pre-Clinical Milestone Triggers Payment

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Labmate UK & Ireland November 2021

November 2021

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