International Labmate September 2020


In This Edition


- Simultaneous Analysis of Combination Drugs by HPLC-DAD
- Updated Computer Program for Chemical Thermodynamic and Energy Release Evaluation
- Solving Freeze Drying Bottlenecks For Diagnostics and Vaccines Production

Mass Spectrometry & Spectroscopy

- Extended Capability and Power for High-Resolution Mass Spectrometers
- New Peristaltic Pump for Atomic Spectroscopy
- 2D-Barcoded NMR Tube Scanner


- How a Chromatographic Method is More Than a Separation
- High Technology Gas Generators for Every Application
- New Columns Separate a Wide Variety of Polar Analytes

Laboratory Products

- How Freeze Drying in Food Processing is Enabling Greater Efficiency and Superior Results
- New cGMP-Compatible Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing Portfolio Launched
- New Analyser Offers a Flexible Carbon/Sulphur Measuring Range

Microscopy & Microtechniques

- The intracellular world in 3D and in colour
- New Scanning Electron Microscope with Automated Analytical Intelligence
- New Platform Provides a New Dimension of Information to Confocal Imaging


Ovens, Furnaces & Heating Equipment

- New Compact Heating/Chilling Dry Bath for Robotic Systems
- Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
- Contributing to the Fight Against the Corona Virus with Precise Temperature Control

Reagents, Reference Materials & Laboratory Chemicals

- UV-Vis: 5 steps to Pharmacopoeia compliance
- New Cannabidivarinic Acid Standard Advances Cannabis Analysis
- SARS-COV-2 Neutralising Reagents with Therapeutic Potential for COVID-19 Announced

Centrifuges, Stirrers & Shakers

- Innovative Magnetic Stirrer Speaks to Lab Equipment
- New Benchtop Shakers with Increased Shaking Capacity
- First High-speed Centrifuge/Magnetic Stirrer in One Unit

Analytica Show Preview

- analytica 2020 extends its global reach with analytica virtual
- Online exhibition with virtual booths
- Experience the digital laboratory


Research & Events News

- Cell Function Discovery brings hope for RA Sufferers
- Space Mission Instruments send Images of the Sun
- Low-field NMR Study enables Titanium Tube Monitoring

News & Views

- Specialist to lead North American Operations
- Supporting Mental Health Charities during Lockdown
- Funding Reflects Confidence in RTS Market

Business Opportunities

- Initiative Supports Medical Education Across Asia
- Therapies Help to Repair and Prevent Disease Progression

Microscopy News

- Wolfson Grant supports UK’s First Marine Microbiome Facility
- 3D Images Created Through Time

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Digital Edition

Lab Asia December 2020

December 2020

In This Edition Articles - The Movement Towards More Comprehensive Testing of Mycotoxins in Cannabis - Addressing proper HACCP implementation - Micropatterning: The art of micro-controlling...

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