Labmate UK & Ireland April 2021


In This Edition


- Seats at the table to shape the industry’s future
- Battling biohazardous liquid laboratory waste

Laboratory Products

- Two New Powerful Stirrers Announced
- ELISA Automation Systems for COVID-19 Antibody Tests
- Automation-ready Sample Evaporator for Microplates


Drug Discovery & Pharmaceuticals

- Automated Nanoparticle System for Formulation Library Generation Launched
- Refractometer Series Excels in Strict Data Controlled Environments
- Instrumentation for Drug and Virus Screening Applications

Environmental Analysis & Electrochemistry

- New Water Quality Monitoring Platform Maximises Operational Efficiencies and Boosts Productivity
- Portable Quadrupole Analyser for Environmental Field Studies
- WWEM and AQE - 2021 and Beyond

Microscopy, Microtechnology & Image Analysis

- Borosilicate Glass Microplates Improve Imaging Sensitivity
- Achieve Sharper Raman-based Microparticle Characterisation
- New Precision Raman Microscope Launched


Research & Events News

- Plant Cell Receptors join Forces to beat Bacterial Invasion
- Grants to support Transmission Limiting Technology
- Enzyme Suppression Technique shows Potential for Alzheimer’s Treatment

Science Community Focus

- Current Vaccines May Protect against Brazilian Coronavirus Variant
- How does Blood Type Influence Epidemic Severity?
- Fun Resource Sheds Light on Vaccines

News & Views

- New Facility enables Scaling of Radiotherapy Technologies
- Oxford Charity Initiative supported by OxLEP
- Sourcing from Waste Biomass sweetens Outlook

Microscopy News

- Join Europe’s BIGGEST virtual event for the Global Microscopy and Imaging Community
- RMS Early Career Award – Winner Announced

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