Labmate UK & Ireland March 2020


In This Edition


- Meet. Learn. Discover
- Ways to tackle the spread of coronavirus using viricidal surface decontamination



- New Wettable Phase Thrives in Water
- HPLC Oven Accurately Controls Columns from Room Temperature to 90°C
- New C18 Cannabinoid HPLC Columns

LIMS & Lab Automation

- Next Generation Automated Liquid Handling Platform Unveiled
- Laboratory Automation Bio-Safety Enclosure
- Plate ELISA Processing System

Food & Beverage Analysis

- Analytical Solution for the Determination of Contaminants in Food and Feed Samples
- New Device Detects Food Contamination with Real-time Results
- New Columns Ensure Accurate GC Analysis of Triglycerides in Edible Oils


Research & Events News

- Dune Project to Receive £65 million UK Investment
- Protocols in Place for Covid-19 Studies
- BACH 1 Inhibitors could be Key for Blood Vessel Growth

News & Views

- Hybrid Building to Provide Future Collaborative Space at Harwell
- Consortium Encourages Collaboration in Cancer and Ophthalmology
- Key Roles to Support both Technology and Business Evolvement

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Lab Asia August 2020

August 2020

In This Edition Chromatography - Measurement of Pesticides in Cannabis sativa and Hemp Matrices - Biphenyl Modified Silica Stabilised by Bulky Substituents - Wettable Phase for Analytical a...

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ACS National Meeting & Expo, Fall 2020

Aug 17 2020 Virtual event

Chemspec India 2020 - CANCELLED

Aug 19 2020 Mumbai, India


Aug 23 2020 Copenhagen, Denmark


Aug 30 2020 Nantes, France

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