• Simultaneous ESI/APCI Measurement for Improved Laboratory Throughout


Simultaneous ESI/APCI Measurement for Improved Laboratory Throughout

Dec 02 2010

Shimadzu has released a new report focusing on its LCMS-2020 mass spectrometer and use of the DUIS-2020 Dual Ion Source probe for simultaneous ESI and APCI measurement.

In LCMS measurement, the time it takes to select the best ionization mode for each compound can negatively impact R&D efficiency. For researchers seeking a way to shorten the time required for analysis and method development, electrospray ionization (ESI) and atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI) probes can now be integrated without compromising either technique using Shimadzu’s Dual Ion Source DUIS-2020.

This application note presents results obtained following the analysis of a sample containing the water-soluble vitamins thiamine and riboflavin, and the fat-soluble vitamin calciferol. The research showed that good sensitivity is obtained for thiamine and riboflavin using ESI, but scarcely detected using APCI. Calciferol is detected using APCI, but ionization is insufficient with ESI. However, when the DUIS-
2020 is used, researchers can obtain well-balanced chromatograms. In conventional systems, the same analysis must be repeated after exchanging the ESI probe, but by using the DUIS-2020, the analysis is completed in a single test run. Because the LCMS-2020 uses the standard ESI probe as an integral component, upgrading to the DUIS-2020 gives researchers a simple and cost-efficient way to improve laboratory throughput.

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