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Supersonic Flow

Mar 08 2011

Shimadzu has introduced the LCMS-8030, which combines the power of triple quadrupole mass spectrometry with unmatched speed to provide the ideal complement to its UHPLC systems. It is an efficient tool to increase lab efficiency, supporting researchers who are constantly challenged to detect more target analytes with greater sensitivity in hundreds of samples per day. The LCMS-8030 accelerates workflows for high-throughput analysis. It is suitable for various industries such as pharmaceutical, environmental, chemical and food. The LCMS-8030 features ultra-fast multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) transitions, enabling data acquisition with up to 500 different channels per second. The improvements to the electronics provide ultra-fast mass spectrum measurement speeds of 15,000 u/sec without sacrificing sensitivity or resolution, with ultra-fast polarity switching (15 msec) for maximum information without signal deterioration. Patented UFsweeper technology accelerates ions out of the collision cell by forming a pseudo-potential surface. The result is high-efficiency collisioninduced dissociation (CID) and ultra-fast ion transport, reducing sensitivity losses and cross talk observed on other systems. In addition, higher radio frequency (RF) power capability minimises pauses between each transition. When coupled with Shimadzu’s Nexera UHPLC, the LCMS-8030 can provide reliable and accurate detection of peaks just one-second wide, thereby maximising UHPLC performance. With a polarity switching
time of just 15 ms, ultra-fast triple quadrupole measurement time is now a reality. The combination of the LCMS-8030 with the class-leading Nexera UHPLC brings the latest hardware together on one platform. This unified platform provides unmatched qualitative and quantitative analysis, increased productivity and accelerated workflows for high-throughput analysis. Automated optimisation of analytical conditions for each quantitative target compound, which is the key to high-sensitivity analysis, allows unattended, overnight operation. In addition, all software operations are handled seamlessly, reducing PC conflicts and the need for user intervention. With the LCMS-8030, maintenance has never been easier or more accessible. Its robust design allows maximum uptime, resulting in a system that can handle most complex matrices. Maintenance of the desolvation line without breaking vacuum minimises instrument downtime.

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