• HPLC Pump Calibration: Is Your Flowmeter Fast Enough?
    Liquid Chromatography Flowmeter for fast and accurate HPLC Pump calibration.


HPLC Pump Calibration: Is Your Flowmeter Fast Enough?

Aug 24 2021

How are HPLC pump flow rates calibrated?

Each and every HPLC pump needs calibration of the flow rate it delivers on a regular base in order to maintain consistent accuracy of results. Traditional HPLC pump flow rate calibration relies upon a gravimetric method in which the total weight of solvent delivered in a given time is determined and transformed into flow rate by taking into account the density of the solvent. 

This gravimetric method, although accurate, has some operational challenges. Though the weight of delivered solvent can be determined accurately using modern scales, this weight data must be precisely synchronised with a time measurement which can be challenging. Transforming this data into flow rate (volume/time) requires accurate values of solvent density at the precise temperature the HPLC pump is operating at. However, even when reliable solutions are found for all the above, this method is still relatively time consuming to determine flow rate repeatably and accurately. As such, the gravimetric calibration of an HPLC pump flow rate can typically take an excess of 30 minutes. 

Accurate, sensitive, faster and high-resolution

Testa Analytical Solutions eK reports that its popular Liquid Chromatography Flowmeter is being used to determine accurate flow rate calibration data from HPLC pumps in just a few minutes.

The Liquid Chromatography Flowmeter from Testa Analytical uses a thermal flow sensor that is not only extremely accurate, sensitive and high-resolution, but it also 
offers the advantage of being non-invasive. As this device does not interfere with the measurement itself, and can operate over a wide dynamic range, it has been demonstrated to be the perfect flow monitoring tool for almost any liquid chromatography system.

Used to calibrate the flow rate of HPLC pumps, the compact and easy-to-use Liquid Chromatography Flowmeter has been shown to reliably provide flow rate data of the required high accuracy in just a few minutes. In addition to increasing productivity the Liquid Chromatography flowmeter is able to free staff to undertake more productive tasks.

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