• New Software Package Marks Sea Change in Image and Spectral Acquisition Software

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New Software Package Marks Sea Change in Image and Spectral Acquisition Software

Dec 08 2011

Princeton Instruments is pleased to introduce LightField 4.0, a new 64-bit image and spectral acquisition software package that provides a cuttingedge user interface and the powerful functionality needed to set up and perform complex optical diagnostic experiments. This unique and revolutionary software puts hundreds of useful features at researchers’ fingertips. LightField fully supports Princeton Instruments PIXIS, PI-MAX® 3, ProEM, PyLoN, and Quad-RO cameras as well as Acton Series spectrographs, including the popular LS785.

Two capabilities of this novel software package are especially noteworthy. The first is Princeton Instrument’s patent-pending IntelliCal™ spectrograph calibration method, a LightField option that ensures pixel-by-pixel wavelength and intensity accuracy by using NIST-traceable references. The second is the ability to control Princeton Instruments PI-MAX 3 ICCD cameras through LightField via a virtual dashboard akin to a laboratory oscilloscope.

“While state-of-the-art spectrographs and cameras can deliver single-photon sensitivity, the software tools that control and complement this advanced hardware have always left a lot to be desired,” observed Ravi Guntupalli, Scientific Imaging Product Manager at Princeton Instruments. “To right this imbalance, we’ve designed LightField from the ground up. Researchers around the world will finally be able to realise the true potential of their low-light-level spectrographs and CCD, EMCCD, or ICCD cameras.
” Spectroscopists will be impressed with LightField’s automated IntelliCal feature, which allows calibration of entire spectra in both the wavelength and intensity scales against the NIST database. For the first time, the spectral response of all elements in the detection path, including that of the grating and the camera, has been taken into account. As a result, the accuracy of IntelliCal calibration can be as much as 10x better than standard calibration, allowing researchers to compare their data on absolute scales.Researchers performing time-resolved imaging and spectroscopy will also find LightField uniquely empowering. Whenever a PI-MAX 3 ICCD camera is connected, LightField automatically displays SuperSynchroTM timing and intensifier control. Users can interactively drag and adjust the gate delay, width (<500 picoseconds achievable with PI-MAX 3), SyncMasterTM, and auxiliary delays on-the-fly. Synchronising the camera with external lasers is simple, too. LightField even automatically keeps track of gate delay/width information in the acquired file. Furthermore, with a single click, users can quickly plot ‘time vs. intensity’ graphs to gain fast insight into the process under study.

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