• Room Temperature RNA Stabilisation for Tissue Samples
    Room temperature RNA stabilisation.

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Room Temperature RNA Stabilisation for Tissue Samples

Sep 28 2022

Protect your RNA from degradation

AMSBIO announce RNAdvantage - the first product in a new range of stabilisation solutions that provide robust protection for your RNA samples at ambient temperature.

Designed to protect and preserve RNA from most tissues, cultured cells, bacteria, and yeast for up to 14-days, RNAdvantage eliminates the traditional costs of flash freezing samples dry-ice shipping and freezer storage.

From the point at which your tissue samples are collected, RNAdvantage permeates the tissue to stabilise the RNA at room temperature. Samples can also be protected upon purification with no extra clean-up steps.

No rush for immediate downstream processing

With no need for immediate flash freezing, labs can now be flexible with their use and storage of RNA samples. This ability to immediately stabilise samples at room temperature after collection ensures high RNA integrity for RNAseq experiments, no rtPCR inhibition and rapid RNase inactivation.

Store and transport at room temperature after collection

Using RNAdvantage, RNA Integrity Numbers (RIN) meet or exceed the required levels for core sequencing facilities, even when tissue samples are stored for 2 weeks at room temperature. This ensures excellent sequencing results due to the robust stabilisation provided by RNAdvantage. All of this, while reducing shipping and storage costs.

This new range also includes RNAssure. which allows you to handle purified RNA at room temperature for 3 days without freezing, and RNArchive, which allows you to store your samples at room temperature for years.  

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