• Enhanced Laboratory Safety with Instant Liquid Waste Disposal Autoclaves

Lab Safety

Enhanced Laboratory Safety with Instant Liquid Waste Disposal Autoclaves

Jan 17 2023

Autoclaving hazardous used liquids provides the ultimate method for waste sterilisation, but is not without its flaws. To run efficiently, an autoclave must be run with a full load, which in turn requires liquid biohazards to be stored until there is sufficient quantity to fill an autoclave chamber, presenting a risk of spillage. Once collected, a manual handling risk is presented in lifting the many bottles of liquid waste into the autoclave. Finally, after sterilisation, removal of the hot waste from the autoclave provides the same manual handling risk, but now with the operators impeded by cumbersome heatproof personal protective equipment to mitigate the burn risks posed by the now sterile liquid.

The AstellBio Sink is a liquid waste autoclave that removes all these hazards. Laboratory staff can pour liquids directly into the device as soon as they become waste – reducing the timeframe in which waste could be spilled –, and in the quantity that they are produced in – minimising the volume and mass of the load, and thereby decreasing its manual handling risk. Once autoclaved, the liquid waste is despatched automatically to the drain, thereby removing any further stages of manual interaction, and removing the lifting and burn risks. 

“The AstellBio Sink provides a simple method of validatable liquid waste sterilisation.” said Astell’s Sales & Marketing Director, Paul Birchmore. “Through its use, a simpler, safer method of liquid waste management can help protect organisations and their staff.” AstellBio will be discussing the AstellBio Sink on Stand Z2.L18 at Medlab Middle East this month. 

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