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Vi-cell™ Xr Analyser for Fully Automated Cell Culture Applications

Apr 17 2008

Beckman Coulter, Inc announces the successful integration of its Vi-CELL™ XR Cell Viability Analyser with Biomek® Laboratory Automation
Workstations and other devices for real-time cellular imaging in a walk-away system for cell culture settings.
Integrated automation adds flexibility to the application of the Vi-CELL instrument, from basic cellular research through drug development and scale up, and even into pharmaceutical manufacturing quality control.
The Vi-CELL XR (extended range) measures the viability of cells and counts them in minutes, using the widely accepted Trypan Blue cell viability tissue culture protocol. The instrument measures 15 to
30 times more volume than competitive systems in the same amount of time, with a more comprehensive array of parameters. The automated, integrated solution monitors cell growth over time.
Beckman Coulter’s Integrated Solutions Group developed the customised solution for a cell culture ‘seed and feed’ application. Components
of the solution include the Vi-CELL XR, a Biomek® NXP workstation configured with a Span-8 Pod and gripper, a Biomek® FXP dual-bridge
workstation, storage devices, incubator, plate hotel and two detectors.
The integrated solution provides cell analysis data necessary to evaluate clone selection, cell expansion and protein expression results. Data from the analysis is also automatically captured for subsequent analysis with other cellular results that determine cell viability and efficiency such as confluence, loci of growth and protein-protein interactions.
“No other cell viability analyser can be integrated for this level of automation,” explained Karen Bezold, Director of research flow cytometry and business development for Beckman Coulter.
“Because Beckman Coulter’s total product offering is so broad, we are uniquely qualified to provide complete solutions and support to our
customers. This capability gives our users additional downstream application options for their easy-to-use Vi-CELL instruments.” Bob Lund, Group Manager, Integrated Solutions for Beckman Coulter, commented: “Beckman Coulter’s Vi-CELL XR Cell Viability Analyser with its extended, 2 – 70 micro size range, reagent-saving 500 microlitre sample volume and enhanced image resolution can now be utilised in fully automated cell culture systems with walk-away operation for the monitoring and optimisation of cell growth.”

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