• Laboratory Ovens Ensure Safety for Workers and Protect Samples

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Laboratory Ovens Ensure Safety for Workers and Protect Samples

Aug 12 2022

Low energy consumption for operating cost savings and many other features to protect the user and their samples are included in Cole-Parmer® Gravity and Mechanical Drying Convection Ovens, and Cole-Parmer Programmable and Botanical Vacuum Ovens. Each oven is designed with temperature uniformity and safety features to prevent temperature fluctuations and overheating - issues that can destroy valuable samples

Gravity convection drying ovens ensure gentle, natural air circulation within the chamber - suitable for sterilisation, powder drying, high-temperature storage, and other applications requiring subtle airflow. These ovens can heat samples up to 200°C (392°F). 

Mechanical convection drying ovens offer fast heat-up and uniform temperature throughout the chamber for greater drying efficiency. An air vent on the back can be adjusted by the knob located in front of the oven to control inner air and vapor circulation. These ovens heat samples up to 250°C (482°F).

Programmable vacuum ovens allow users to easily set up 8 programs for parameters such as temperature, time, and fan speed. The ovens are designed with independent vacuum interface and vents, an air inlet for easy access to inert gases such as nitrogen, and a solenoid valve that controls vacuum degree and vacuum pump. Heat up to 392°F (200°C).

Botanical vacuum ovens provide a higher ultimate vacuum ideal for botanicals and cannabis applications with stainless steel internal tubing and compression fittings. Stainless steel vacuum and vent valves offer a cleaner connection, more accurate control, and long-term durability.

All ovens offer a PID temperature controller for accurate and reliable heating, stainless steel inner chamber and powder-coated steel plate exterior that resist corrosion for longer lifetime, rounded inner chamber corners for easy cleaning and multiple safety features such as temperature deviation alarm, overtemperature set point alarm, overcurrent protection, and auto-start after power loss/return. 

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