• Optimising your coulometric titration efficiency using Aquamax KF Reagents

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Optimising your coulometric titration efficiency using Aquamax KF Reagents

Sep 14 2021

ECH Scientific have recently formulated a new coulometric titration reagent for use in all available coulometric titrators. The new Aquamax KF Pro Reagent Kit is suitable for a wide matrix of different sample types but was developed with petroleum samples at the center of our thinking. The Aquamax KF Pro Reagent Kit can be used in titrators which have no frit/diaphragm. This new, single solution formulation is supplied in cartons of 2 x 500ml bottles. The Aquamax KF Pro Reagent Kit was formulated with versatility in mind, this new solvent can be used in a wide range of coulometers, from direct injection instruments through to fully automated KF’s with oven and heating technology. When coupled with the Aquamax KF Pro Oil (with unique closed loop technology) from ECH to conform exactly to ASTM D6304 procedure C is it possible to achieve over 750 samples in one charge of solvent, which is significantly more than the market average.

Alongside the new solvent range is the original coulometric solvent range from ECH Scientific, the Aquamax KF Reagent Kit.

Aquamax KF Reagent A is a general coulometric KF anolyte for use with generator electrodes which incorporate a frit or diaphragm to separate the anode and cathode chambers. Used in conjunction with Aquamax KF Reagent C this formulation is supplied in a pack of 8 x 100ml bottles and 8 x 5ml cathode ampoules, all conveniently located in a single carton.

To conform to ASTM, API, EI, ISO (plus other) methodologies for water content determination of oil and petroleum products, the anode regent must be modified with xylene to improve sample solubility and miscibility. Aquamax KF Reagent A is pre-cut with xylene, and other solubilisers to eliminate side reactions, so that the operator does not have to store or mix chemicals.

ECH Scientific conducted extensive comparison trials of both Aquamax KF Reagents against other leading brands with very positive results. Using water standards ranging from 10 µg water up to 10,000 µg water under controlled conditions Aquamax KF Reagent was found to be equivalent in performance accuracy to the other brands but much faster in titration speed and with low background drift value.

For a quotation or more information please contact us.

To learn more about ECH’s involvement in method development of the coulometric titrations procedures, read our article about the recently implemented revisions to ASTM D6304 ECH Closed Loop Technique for ppm water in oil determination (new revisions to ASTM D6304.

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