• F-DGSi CALYPSO Gas generators – The ideal partner for your LC-MS analysers

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F-DGSi CALYPSO Gas generators – The ideal partner for your LC-MS analysers

Mar 08 2023

Although gas cylinders are a means of supplying LC-MS instruments with nitrogen, they are very unsuitable for protecting the purity of your supply. Contaminants and impurities can pollute your analysis. This is why many laboratories opt for a quality nitrogen generator. Indeed, LC-MS requires a reliable and constant source of nitrogen gas to obtain the best analysis results.

F-DGSi has the widest range of generators on the market in terms of flow rates, purity and nitrogen pressure, meeting all the LC-MS on the market.

Thanks to its robust architecture and stable operation, the CALYPSO range allows LC-MS from different manufacturers to obtain a constant gas purity adapted to your needs.

It is available in two technologies, which you can choose according to the purity and sensitivity required by your analysis: PSA or Membrane.

Once your F-DGSi generator is installed, all you have to do is push the button for peace of mind!

The Generators of CALYPSO range

1. One Gas – Nitrogen

  • CALYPSO: 15 to 70 L/min (PSA)
  • CALYPSO M: 35 L/min and 70 L/min (Membrane)
  • CALYPSO DS: 20 to 55 L/min (PSA Double Step)
  • CALYPSO DS.HP: 40 L/min (PSA Double Step High pressure) for Thermo ASE

2. Double Gas – Nitrogen/Dry Air (Specific for some instruments)

  • CALYPSO 2G.SH: Shimadzu
  • CALYPSO 2G.VA: Varian
  • CALYPSO 2G.BR: Bruker
  • CALYPSO 2G.PE: Perkin Elmer

3. Gas with Double purity – Nitrogen/Nitrogen (Specific for some instruments)

  • CALYPSO DP.WA: Waters
  • CALYPSO DP.TH: Thermo
  • CALYPSO DP.AG: Agilent

4. Double Gaz – Nitrogen/Nitrogen

  • CALYPSO DUO: 2x32 L/min (PSA)

5. Triple Gaz – Nitrogen/Air/Air (Specific for Sciex)

  • CALYPSO M 3G.SC: Membrane

The characteristics?

  • HMI touch screen to display the process in real time
  • Energy saving mode (EST)
  • Remote diagnostics via USB
  • With or without integrated air compressor
  • Indication of visual preventive maintenance
  • Sound display of alarms with help menu and history


An F-DGSi generator offers a more advantageous solution than traditional sources of gas supply, such as cylinders.

  • Convenient: No changing and interrupting gas
  • Economical: Low and controlled ongoing gas costs
  • Safety: Removes the risk of leaks
  • Ecological: No repeated gas deliveries, generators less harmful to the environment

Modernise your laboratory with a gas generator from the CALYPSO range and erase all the inconveniences you encounter.

F-DGSi: French manufacturer offering complete gas solutions for all analytical applications. Don't buy your gas, Make it!

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