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Double-Junction pH Electrodes for Every Application

Sep 05 2019

Horiba Instruments produces a vast selection of pH electrodes, conductivity cells and dissolved oxygen probes. All pH electrodes from Horiba are double-junction combination varieties allowing them to be used in a wide-range of applications. They are also a good alternative to calomel electrodes used in the early years.

Horiba’s unique glass moulding technology resulted in the ToupH series of electrodes. The glass bulbs of these electrodes are more robust than regular electrodes reducing breakages. Though the bulbs are made stronger, there is no compromise on the responsiveness, sensitivity and longevity of the electrodes.

Riding on the success of the ToupH series, Horiba has also launched a series of double junction, combination pH electrodes whose connectors terminate with a BNC. These 94xx series electrodes are fully compatible with any brand of pH meter with a BNC connector.

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