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Dual Channel Colour Touchscreen Bench Meter

Jan 12 2021

The LAQUA F-73 is one of the four models in F-70 series colour touchscreen bench meters range, commonly used in pharmaceutical and biotech industries as well as in academia and research institutes. It can measure pH, ORP, temperature and ion concentrations with the appropriate electrodes. There are 5 types of buffer groups available for pH and a calibration function for ORP. For ion measurement, users can perform multi-point calibration or simply follow the built-in standard addition methods, depending on their lab SOPs. An intelligent assistant is programmed into the meter providing step-by-step guidance on calibration, measurement, application methods, maintenance, inspection, and troubleshooting. This smart navigation feature is available in multi-language.    

The meter port has dual channel inputs accepting single, combination, and 3-in-1 electrodes and allowing simultaneous measurements of either same or different parameters. The elegant round body has clean and sleek design. The large colour LCD is covered with chemical-resistant super white glass panel and removable plastic case around it protecting the meter against accidental sample or chemical spills and bumps, respectively.

The LAQUA F-73 is packaged with complimentary data acquisition software loaded in mini USB flash drive, which can also serve as data storage. Data can be transferred to a PC using the software as well as stored simultaneously into the meter’s internal memory and flash drive when connected. The meter is compatible with LAQUA 21 CFR Part 11 software, which is required for compliance with US FDA’s system requirements for electronic records and signatures.

Two meter kits are available – one comes with the meter, 9615S-10D Standard ToupH 3-in-1 pH electrode, pH buffer set, electrode stand, and universal power adaptor. The other one has LAQUA 21 CFR Part 11 software included.

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