• Major Order Strengthens Hydrogen Filling Station Cooling Solutions
    Lauda continues to expand the production capacities for the SUK secondary circuit units required for cooling the hydrogen before the refuelling process.

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Major Order Strengthens Hydrogen Filling Station Cooling Solutions

Jul 18 2023

Temperature control specialist, Lauda, has secured a significant new order from a prominent European hydrogen filling station producer, further solidifying its presence in the hydrogen sector. Over a period of approximately two years, Lauda will deliver 36 sets comprising of an SUK process cooling unit and an Ultracool circulation chiller from the renowned Ultracool product line. The SUK unit will cool the hydrogen during the refuelling process, while the Ultracool circulation chiller will provide cooling for the hydrogen compressors.

In the current year alone, Lauda will fulfil the delivery of 20 sets, with the remaining sets to be supplied subsequently. While Lauda has been regularly supplying single systems to the filling station producer since 2020, this aggregated order of 14 sets in 2021 marked a significant milestone. With a contract value in the several million euro range, this new order represents the largest hydrogen order in Lauda's history.

The market for hydrogen filling stations is experiencing significant growth, with the number of stations projected to increase from approximately 1,000 in 2020 to around 3,000 by 2030, according to a study by the Ludwig Bölkow Foundation. This presents Lauda with substantial potential for additional orders in the future.

In parallel to fulfilling the current order, Lauda is actively engaged in the development of the next generation of process cooling units. This includes participation in the European research project RHeaDHy, launched in February this year, which focuses on developing technology for refuelling heavy goods vehicles. Additionally, Lauda is closely collaborating with its customers to ensure continuous development in line with current requirements. Plans are underway to introduce modular systems alongside the existing SUK compact systems, allowing for flexible adaptation to evolving demands. This concept enables refuelling station operators to gradually expand their capacity based on customer needs, thereby optimising capital investments over time.

The recent major order underscores Lauda's commitment to customer satisfaction, aligning with its motto, ‘Empowering Excellence. For a better Future’, and the company's unwavering dedication to delivering superior product quality.

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