• Reliable temperature control from -50 to 200 °C in the laboratory and in production processes

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Reliable temperature control from -50 to 200 °C in the laboratory and in production processes

Apr 04 2023

The Top 3 Advantages

1. Powerful from - 50 to 200 °C with a heating capacity up to 2.6 kW & a cooling capacity up to 700 W

2. Individually and application-oriented configurable in bath volume, interfaces & accessories

3. Excellent price-performance ratio

The LAUDA ECO bath thermostats are positioned between the entry-level units of the Alpha and the high-end units of the PRO series. Available as both cooling and heating thermostats, they are powerful and variable. The ECO series offers a temperature range from -50 to 200 °C with a heating capacity of 2 or 2.6 kW, or a cooling capacity of 300 to 700 W. With different bath volumes, optional pump connections, interfaces, and accessories, the ECO can be optimally configured for any application. The intuitive display can also be selected in two variants depending on the requirements. In this way, LAUDA ECO units offer excellent value for money; you only pay for what you really need.

Whether in the production line for temperature control of a booster pump, in quality control and assurance, or in the laboratory for sample preparation, the ECO is suitable for both internal and external applications. Its quality and durability make it a reliable partner 365 days a year.

All ECO variants are available with natural refrigerants.

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