• TD Trade-in Programme Announced.

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TD Trade-in Programme Announced.

Jan 25 2007

Markes International Ltd is offering an unmissable trade in programme for old or discontinued thermal desorption (TD) systems, for a limited period only. TD users trading in their old systems for a new 100-tube automated TD from any authorized distributor of Markes TD technology will qualify for a half price offer on Markes own-manufactured TD accessories and consumables. Accessories available under the programme include sorbent tubes, stand alone multi-tube conditioning equipment, the new Micro-Chamber/ Thermal Extractor for materials testing, sequential pumped tube samplers, alveolar breath samplers or a combination of products.

This trade in deal gives users and their laboratories the perfect opportunity to upgrade to high performance, high productivity TD technology and take advantage of the latest developments in air monitoring and TD accessories at the same time.

Automated thermal desorption systems available from Markes International under this scheme include ULTRA-UNITY, ULTRA 50:50 and the AutoSecure TD. All the systems are cryogen-free and fully compliant with international standard methods for TD-GC(MS) analysis. They also offer the following unique advantages:

? Quantitative sample re-collection for repeat analysis / method validation (Secure TD-Q?)
? Ability to analyse both high boiling and thermally labile compounds on the same instrument
? Mechanical reliability (no capping/un-capping) and improved tube seals to maintain sample integrity (no artefact ingress or analyte loss)

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