• New Seed Train Platform Intensifies Upstream Processing
    Merck have launched the BioContinuum™ Seed Train Platform.

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New Seed Train Platform Intensifies Upstream Processing

Jul 01 2022

Merck have announced the launch of the BioContinuum™ Seed Train Platform, the industry’s only integrated and versatile solution enabling biomanufacturers to confidently move toward next generation bioprocessing using seed train intensification. 

The platform consists of proprietary products for N-1 perfusion and high cell density cryopreservation (HCDC) including: the off-the-shelf Cellvento® 4CHO-X Expansion Medium specifically designed for seed train expansion and N-1 perfusion, the Cellicon™ Perfusion Solution for superior cell retention, and closed processing-ready Mobius® HCDC R&D single-use assemblies for high cell density cryopreservation. 

The integrated BioContinuum™ Seed Train Platform addresses the need for an efficient, consistent seed train that supports increased cell densities for intensification of the N production process. Specifically, it enables increased monoclonal antibody productivity in the production stage, reduces facility footprint and utilisation, and accelerates manufacturing timelines. The intensified process enabled by the platform is fully closed and compatible with both fed-batch and perfusion N-production stages, offering maximum flexibility. Efficiencies gained by seed train intensification reduce labour requirements and operational complexity, and because the process is closed, the risk of contamination is greatly reduced.

Seed train intensification is the first step toward optimisation of the entire upstream workflow, enabling biomanufacturers to realise the time and cost savings for fed-batch and perfusion processes. At a time when many manufacturers of monoclonal antibodies are seeking to add capacity to support growing demand, process intensification increases flexibility and reduces manufacturing footprint to realise their facilities' full potential.

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