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Ergonomically Correct – Environmentally Safe

Nov 18 2010

The new CellGardES (Energy Saving) NU-480 Laminar Flow Class II, Biological Safety Cabinets are built using Direct Current, Electronically Commutated Motor (DC-ECM), provides distinct energy saving characteristics. The motor not only operates at a constant airflow, it increases electrical efficiency, extends High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter life, and operates at lower noise and vibration than its counterparts. NuAire also selects the correct forward-curved fan for each size cabinet. This process improves motor efficiency and lowers operational costs.

The TouchLink Electronic Airflow Control System is a self-contained micro-processor module control system which monitors and controls all cabinet functions, along with complete diagnostic functions.

The CellGardES is ergonomically designed for user comfort and adjustability, eliminating awkward posture, staggered service valves on the sidewalls making them easily accessible, relieving arm, neck and shoulder strain, frameless polished edge windows offering greater visibility, better sight lines, reducing eye fatigue. Ergonomic Chair, Footrest, and Motorized Base Stands to raise or lower the work surface within an eight inch range to alleviate bodily strain and increase safety conditions for laboratory professionals. The new 10 degree sloped, hinged window pane adds accessibility and complements cleaning procedures by opening an additional 30 degrees. The CellGardES has an exclusive Auto Decontamination Cycle, Decon 101, the TouchLink system provides step-by-step instructions to aid in proper Decon techniques. Optional glass sidewalls increase visibility in educational settings, as well. Nuaire.

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