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Cod Tests Now Available for All Instruments

Apr 05 2007

Water testing specialist Palintest has introduced a new range of Tubetests® for Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) that are specifically for use in non-Palintest instruments. The new M/C formulations with mercuric sulphate enable users of the majority of laboratory COD photometers to take advantage of the price, quality and service that Palintest reagents offer, while using their existing instrumentation.

The COD test is vital for assessing the quality of effluents and wastewater prior to discharge. The Palintest Tubetest® system offers a simple, quick and convenient method of testing COD which conforms to the ISO standard on sealed-tube COD testing (BS ISO 15705:2002).
With the Palintest Tubetest® system the reagents are supplied premixed and predispensed into borosilicate glass test tubes, reducing contact with potentially hazardous chemicals to a minimum. The tubes are also clearly labelled with the range and hazard warnings, as required by the standard.

The new M/C formulations come in three ranges: up to 150mg/l, up to 1500mg/l and up to 15,000 mg/l. The ranges are all carefully formulated to be used with existing calibrations and instruments. Palintest is also a licensed waste handler, and provides a collection service to its customers for the safe collection and responsible disposal of used tubes.

COD is probably the most widely tested parameter in pollution control. The test is used by a wide range of industrial plants, food and beverage companies, and contract labs.

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