• Products and Supplies for the Characterization of Natural and Synthetic Macromolecules

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Products and Supplies for the Characterization of Natural and Synthetic Macromolecules

Jun 22 2007

PSS Polymer Standards Service GmbH new 2007 catalog shows a large selection of molecular weight reference polymer standards, calibration kits and specialty polymers for organic and aqueous solvents.

It offers an unparalleled selection of compounds and molecular weights. It features popular materials like polystyrene, poly methyl methacrylate, poly ethylene glycol, dextran, and pullulan, as well as substances like poly lactides, poly acrylic acids, poly vinyl pyridines, polyolefins, and others. In addition it includes carefully selected calibration kits with precisely characterized individual standards as well as the original ReadyCal calibration kits for fast calibration of GPC/SEC systems. Validation kits for the validation of instruments and detectors add to the comprehensive product line. The catalog also addresses GPC/SEC columns. Consequent product development at PSS has lead to a range of column materials, perfectly suited for all GPC/SEC solvents and samples.

Detailed application examples facilitate the selection of the correct material while valuable practical information help select the optimum particle size and porosity for highest resolution.

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