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  • Knife Mill Provides Fast Cryogenic Homogenisation of Food Samples
    Retsch’s knife mill GRINDOMIX GM 200.

Knife Mill Provides Fast Cryogenic Homogenisation of Food Samples

Mar 01 2021 Read 255 Times

Retsch’s knife mill GRINDOMIX GM 200 is employed in laboratories all over the world for the homogenisation of food samples as well as samples with a high water, oil, sugar or fat content. A range of new accessories makes it now suitable for cryogenic grinding of moist samples without addition of water or of very sticky samples, using dry ice.

The so-called cryo kit offered by Retsch consists of a full metal knife and a special stainless-steel grinding container with lid. The knife used for cryogenic grinding has four blades and is made entirely of steel. This makes it much more resistant against embrittlement and hard impact effects - which occur when frozen food is processed - than the standard knife with plastic components. For the same reason, the stainless-steel grinding container should be used for hard samples. This container is specially designed for cryogenic grinding, with baffles that ensure thorough mixing of the sample and, as a result, optimum homogenisation. To prevent overpressure inside the closed jar caused by the frozen CO2 which is warmed during the grinding process with dry ice and evaporates, the special lid features a small opening to let carbon dioxide escape.

The GRINDOMIX GM 200 knife mill covers a wide application range, from granular products like rape seed, rice, soybeans to fibrous or tough samples like meat, fish, candy, cheese or plants. It processes sample volumes up to 700 ml quickly and effectively. Thanks to reproducible setting of parameters, programs and sequences, this mill ensures analytical results with minimum standard deviation.

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